“It’s not very cool to see a monster cry” What Made Vecna (Jamie Campbell) Cry for Real in ‘Stranger Things’?

“It’s not very cool to see a monster cry” What Made Vecna (Jamie Campbell) Cry for Real in ‘Stranger Things’?

The Duffer brothers’ series dropped on Netflix on May 27 to much hype. Surprisingly, the show has managed to get fans even more hyped for Stranger Things Volume 2 with a new terrifying monster Vecna. Demogorgons and Mind Flayers are nothing next to this powerful supernatural being. And Jamie Campbell Bower portrayed the role brilliantly. He not only managed to scare the viewers but even the cast, specifically Millie Bobby Brown. But it’s a little odd to imagine the monster crying, so what made him so upset? 

Bower was sad on the last day of filming Stranger Things as Vecna 

The actor revealed, “I cried on the last day in front of everyone.” But he joked that he was still in his Vecna suit during his meltdown. 

After months of filming, the actor had gotten attached to the cast and the character. So when it ended, he both felt relieved and heartbroken. In his own words, it took a lot of effort to get into the prosthetics.

Since the Duffer Brothers were serious about using practical effects and using minimal CGI, the actor had to start his day early at 3 in the morning. Additionally, to get into the character, he would listen to dark songs and “weird stuff”. He added that meditation helped him get out of Vecna’s headspace after shooting wrapped. 

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Volume 2 is “bigger, scarier, and wilder”

Jamie teased that the horrors at Hawkins hadn’t ended yet. The last two episodes of season 4 amp up the tension and the stakes for the gang. 

His character started out as the mere orderly who befriended Eleven in Hawkin’s lab. Viewers rooted for him because he seemed like the only person that cared for Eleven there. But as it turns out he was One, Papa’s first guinea pig. Not only that but it was Eleven that banished him to the Upside Down where he took the form of Vecna in Stranger Things. Interestingly, in a backstory, we see that he’s Victor Creel’s son. And he’s the one behind the homicide.

Volume 2 will certainly be exciting. Are you looking forward to it?

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