“It’s not my bread and butter”- When Neil Patrick Harris Revealed What He Loves Doing Beside Acting

“It’s not my bread and butter”- When Neil Patrick Harris Revealed What He Loves Doing Beside Acting

Neil Patrick Harris, A.K.A Barney Stinson, is widely popular for his rich and dramatic accolade-filled career. The American actor has been in several other movies and shows that skyrocketed his entire acting life. But did you know about his side hobbies that the actor cherishes to this day?

The star has repeatedly mentioned his fascination with magic, miracles, and jokes owing to his inclination toward such jovial magic tricks and fun-loving nature. The star has garnished his career with many awards and credits; to top them all, dad jokes. Let’s see what Neil has to say about this aspect of his life.

Not as a career but Neil Patrick Harris adores being a magician as a hobby

Esquire asked the star to talk about some of the most memorable moments of his career. And the point where he stressed a lot was, of course, his love for magic. Although Neil gets paid much better than doing other things, he loves the tricks just for the sake of it. “It’s not my bread and butter…., but it’s my hobby,” said the actor in a clip posted by Esquire magazine.

He affirmed that he is a pro at magic tricks, given that he was the president of the Magic Castle Private Club in LA. Johnny Carson was a prime inspiration for all amateur and professional magicians then. His show used to be forever loaded with celebrities and stars who cherished his tricks.

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Neil Patrick Harris also boasted the fact that in his younger days, he got an opportunity to do magic tricks live in front of Carson himself. Even though he does not earn for it, it was a great credit in itself to present something before Carson. Lastly, as he said, he was proficient at Dad Jokes way before they were a thing.

Not only Carson but Neil’s magic tricks have also blown off several others. The star did not fail to astonish the audience and the host at TheEllenShow. He also had fun with James Corden at his LateLateShow with some of the best magic tricks up his sleeves.

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