“It’s not easy being clever”- ‘Enola Holmes 2’ Director Harry Bradbeer Praises Millie Bobby Brown for Her Spirited Nature

“It’s not easy being clever”- ‘Enola Holmes 2’ Director Harry Bradbeer Praises Millie Bobby Brown for Her Spirited Nature

All eyes are on Enola Holmes 2 now as Millie Bobby Brown has once again arrived with her eccentric rule-breaking character. The young star is playing the titular role for the second time with a new story and adventure. It has been only a few months since we saw her fighting the Hawkins war with her friends in Stranger Things.

And now here she is once again in a different world trying to crack her first case which is deadly and mysterious. Well, it is not surprising to see that the teenage actor is always busy with new projects. As her talent says all why she has become a household name in the entertainment industry. Agreeing with her uniqueness the Enola Holmes 2 director Harry Bradbeer has praised Brown for her spirited nature.

Harry Bradbeer thinks Millie Bobby Brown is a clever and honest young artist 

In his recent interview with Insider, Harry Bradbeer opened up about Millie Bobby Brown being this talented star. The director stated in the conversation that childhood life for Brown might have been “tricky.” Since she has spent all her time in the entertainment industry working around different types of people. However, the Emmy-nominated actor never failed to preserve her truthfulness so far in her career.

“It’s not easy being clever,” said the Fleabag director. According to him, there are times when you meet people with “dopey ideas” where some choose to speak while others stay quiet. So it must have been difficult for a bright girl like Millie to see things that might not sound right.

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The 18-year-old star stepped into the acting world at a very young age with her breakout role in Stranger Things. Her experiences have been different as she has worked with Duffer Brothers who influenced her creativity. Moreover, the Killing Eve creator said that the British star had just completed the exhausting season 4 of her show and still she came up with “even quicker” instincts for the movie script.

“And I just watched Millie’s eyes like a hawk to see the eyebrows, whether they went up, was she happy, was she puzzled, when she fell over when she screamed.”

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The director and writer Jack Thorne explained the storyline earlier than the first film and they noticed all her reactions. Because he took Millie Bobby Brown as their first audience which helped them to create things more effectively.

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