“It’s not comfortable”: When Henry Cavill Made a Huge Revelation About Why He Doesn’t Enjoy Shooting S*x Scenes

“It’s not comfortable”: When Henry Cavill Made a Huge Revelation About Why He Doesn’t Enjoy Shooting S*x Scenes

Famously known for his role in 2013’s Man of Steel, Henry Cavill has been garnering a lot of attention lately. There is a strong buzz in the industry that Cavill has joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is believed that the actor will be playing the role of Hyperion in Loki’s second season. 

Meanwhile, Henry’s video from 2013 has resurfaced on social media. In the viral video, The Witcher star can be seen discussing the sex scenes during his appearance at The Graham Norton Show with Russell Crowe.

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Before the release of Man of Steel, Henry was recognized for his role in the historical drama, The Tudors. The period series deserves a lot of credit for establishing Henry as a credible artist. 

A glance at Henry’s role in The Tudors

While Henry loved the experience of shooting for the series, he wasn’t happy with the sex scenes. The 39-year-old featured in all four seasons from 2007 to 2010. The Tudors was set in the 16th century but it didn’t shy away from exploring intimacy and sex. 

Henry essayed the role of an advisor to King Henry VII. During the course of the show, the writers explored his love life with Princess Margaret Tudor (Gabrielle Anwar), and the same paved the way for some steamy scenes. 

Henry Cavill explains the shortcoming in The Tudors

The Witcher star had a hard time filming such scenes. Speaking on The Graham Norton Show, Cavill voiced the discomfort and uneasiness an actor faces while filming sex scenes. 

Well, when you think of having sex with someone, you’re normally alone. When you’re on set, you have at least 12 very heavily set men watching you. And it’s not comfortable. It’s just one of those things [that’s] not nearly as sexy as one may imagine it,” Henry exclaimed. 

Following the experience with The Tudors, Henry has essayed relatively sober roles. The actor didn’t have explicit sex scenes in any of his further releases, like the ones in the historical drama. Henry might have learned his lessons well, or it may be a coincidence for the actor. 

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While The Tudors remains one of the finest works by Henry, he is currently making the buzz for The Witcher season three. As the actor prepares to grace your screens again with Enola Holmes 2, make sure you are through with the first film. If you are yet to watch the film, go stream it on Netflix right away.

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