“It’s like winning the lottery” Welsh Football Fans Absolutely Adore Ryan Reynolds, Co-owner of Wrexham AFC

“It’s like winning the lottery” Welsh Football Fans Absolutely Adore Ryan Reynolds, Co-owner of Wrexham AFC

It is no secret that Ryan Reynolds is one of the most loved celebrities in Hollywood. From his quirky films to his goofy and hilarious public persona, the industry and fans alike enjoy his antics. Not only is the Canadian actor an impeccable performer, but he is also an incredibly smart entrepreneur. He has several businesses, including but not limited to Mint Mobile, Aviation American Gin, and more. However, the Deadpool star’s most successful venture in recent times has to be Wrexham AFC.

It is a Welsh football club that he co-owns with Rob McElhenney of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fame. While it may seem strange for a Canadian actor with little knowledge of soccer (European football) to buy the club, the purchase did wonders for them, as well as Wrexham. No wonder the fans out there hold Reynolds and McElhenney in such high regard.

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Welsh soccer superfans love and treasure Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney took over Wrexham AFC in February of last year. Before that, the club had many instances of almost going under. However, a financially strapped team of strong and loyal supporters somehow kept the third-oldest football club afloat. Still, McElhenney and Reynolds came in at the right time and turned its fate around.

Recently, Richard Ulrich, a football superfan and former member of the Wrexham Supporters Trust (WST) expressed his gratitude towards the owners.

It’s like winning the lottery, a fairytale come true, and the stuff of dreams all rolled into one. Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves to believe it’s really happening,” exclaimed Ulrich.

Along with their Hollywood connections, Reynolds and McElhenney also made a genius move with the FX series, Welcome to Wrexham. 

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The documentary following their entry into the European football scene put Wrexham AFC on the map. Not only that, the docuseries brought in a lot of money and will continue to do so since it has been green-lit for season 2. Additionally, the team now attracts viewers from around the world. From what used to be barely a few thousand per game is now about 10,000 tickets and season passes. 

They’ve turned the fan base around overnight… Wrexham is a global phenomenon now with Rob and Ryan,” said David Bethel, deputy leader of the Wrexham Council.

In about a week, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney will most likely receive the “Freedom of Wrexham.” It is the highest possible civic honor granted by the city. 

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