“It’s like sharing a Netflix account, only legal”: Ryan Reynolds Takes a Dig at Netflix for the New Password Sharing Crackdown

“It’s like sharing a Netflix account, only legal”: Ryan Reynolds Takes a Dig at Netflix for the New Password Sharing Crackdown

There have been some truly funny celebrities in Hollywood. Kevin Hart and The Rock, just to name a few. However, Ryan Reynolds has to be the most sarcastic, hysterical, and wholesome out of them all. The whole world laughs whenever Ryan says anything on TV. It can be the most boring occasion, like a press conference or an interview, but somehow Ryan makes it the most entertaining thing in the world.

So when the time came to endorse his privately owned telecommunications company, Ryan did it in the most Ryan way possible, and we are still laughing.

Ryan Reynolds promotes “legal sharing”

Ryan is a man of many talents. He is an amazing husband, something we all saw at the Met Gala, an incredible father, and a great actor, to say the least. But he is also genuinely funny. So in his new ad for the telecommunications company Mint Mobile, Ryan decided to take a dig at Netflix.

In the video, Ryan does not name the streaming giant; instead, accompanying him in the two-minute clip is Ryan’s sister-in-law Robyn Lively. Ryan jokes about Robyn being “family” and how you can share the company’s mobile plans with anyone.

But it is in the caption that The Adam Project star stole our hearts. He very sarcastically calls the sharing plans of Mint Mobile just like Netflix’s but “only legal.”

The joke is a play on the new term and service conditions by Netflix, which discourages users from sharing passwords with users outside their families.

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Ryan Reynolds has been a long collaborator with the company. And is one of Netflix’s favorite actors. He is a huge asset to the company with his three films, The Adam Project, Red Notice, and 6 Underground, all breaking the 200 million hours viewed barrier.

So Ryan joking about the company’s new stand on password sharing is understandable. Maybe Netflix can reply or re-tweet his post with an equally funny quote. We all love a conversation between Netflix and Ryan, don’t we?

What do you guys think should be Netflix’s reply to the joke? Let us know your funniest answers in the comments below.

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