“It’s like being with your…”- Sydney Sweeney Makes a Resounding Statement About Her Relationship With Maude Apatow From ‘Euphoria’

“It’s like being with your…”- Sydney Sweeney Makes a Resounding Statement About Her Relationship With Maude Apatow From ‘Euphoria’

Finding a best friend on the set of a film is a rarity. But when you bond well off-screen it does translate to your performance on-screen. Not only that but fans just adore the on and off-screen chemistry. If Stranger Things fans thought they were lucky to have Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp, it’s time for Euphoria fans to rejoice too. Sydney Sweeney and Maude Apatow who play sisters on Sam Levinson’s Euphoria are quite like sisters in real life! 

The provocative teen show displayed the darker side of teen life – one that involves drugs, suicide, and sex. The show catapulted Sweeney and Maude to fame with their roles. While Maude is yet to get a nod from the Emmys, her bestie already did!

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Sydney Sweeney reveals the close bond she shares with Maude Apatow in real life 

Sydney Sweeney and Maude Apatow play Cassie and Lexi Howard on the HBO show. Although they are sisters in the show, they are not exactly close. In fact, they are total opposites. While Lexi is studious and appears more conservative, Cassie is sensual and a bit ditzy. Cassie is easily manipulated and is often left heartbroken. Her relationship with her sister is kind of strained. However, in real life, these two are best friends!

During a chat with People, the blonde actress revealed that Maude is the most fun person to sit next to. Because she and I are best friends and we are like sisters. So whenever we’re just together, it’s like being with your best friend,” she revealed. 

Sydney Sweeney had a glorious 2022. She got universal recognition, starred in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and got nominated for two Emmys. She was nominated for Euphoria and White Lotus but could not take the golden statue home. However, she expressed her support for her Emmy rival Julia Garner.

Recently, Sweeney collaborated with Laneige. Turns out the actress has one more thing in common with her Euphoria character – utter devotion to their skin. She uses the Laneige products in real life and hence was delighted to become the brand’s face! 

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