“It’s kind of wild…” – Joe Rogan on Kanye West Getting Secretly Hitched to Bianca Censori After Public Cancellation

“It’s kind of wild…” – Joe Rogan on Kanye West Getting Secretly Hitched to Bianca Censori After Public Cancellation

A few days ago, Kanye West was making headlines for being MIA. Now the rapper is back in the spotlight for donning the wedding band! Ye sure knows how to draw attention to himself! It was not too long ago when he was pining after his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian. His ex-girlfriend Julia Fox broke up with him, citing he still had unresolved issues with his ex-wife. 

Now, just two months after their divorce was finalized, Ye has gotten hitched to another woman. His secret marriage to Bianca Censori is a hot topic of discussion everywhere. Even UFC commentator and Podcaster Joe Rogan could not resist discussing this in his podcast with guest Dave Portnoy.

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Joe Rogan is bewildered by the hushed wedding of Kanye West and Bianca Censori 

All this happened so fast and quickly that Joe Rogan finds it utterly wild. It’s rare to see a superstar self-destruct. It’s even rarer for the public to completely shun a superstar. Kanye West got married after facing severe ramifications for his antisemitic comments

It’s kind of wild to see cause we’ve never seen that before where a guy is a superstar and a billionaire and he says some awful sh*t and then everything is taken away from him,” Rogan said on his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience.


Rogan and Portnoy are of the opinion that the musical sensation is mentally ill. His erratic behavior in the past year got him banned from social media and his actions were highly condemned. 

Ye first ruffled feathers with his controversial statement on Yeezy T-shirts. And then he made antisemitic remarks and proclaimed his love for Hitler and Donald Trump. The public canceled him and brands dropped him. The Donda singer’s financial status also took a hit – from a billionaire, he became a millionaire. 

He went away from the public eye and emerged with a wedding band and a new wife – Bianca Censori, Yeezy’s architectural designer. Although they wedded in a secret ceremony, they are yet to obtain a marriage certificate to legalize their union. 

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After staying away from the public eye for so long, the producer did make a dramatic comeback, didn’t he? Drop your views in the comments. 

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