“It’s kind of everyone’s dream”: When Harry Styles Expressed His Desire to Play a Role Henry Cavill Is Favourite For

“It’s kind of everyone’s dream”: When Harry Styles Expressed His Desire to Play a Role Henry Cavill Is Favourite For

As the legendary British actor, Daniel Craig will now be bidding his fandom aka the entire world goodbye as James Bond. Fans and the creators were absolutely sold after seeing him play James Bond in the 2006 movie Casino Royale. And the role has belonged to him ever since. Among all the actors who have played James Bond, Daniel Craig’s portrayal will forever live in our heads rent-free.

While fans sob over the brilliant actors’ departure from the franchise it is important to note that this was all pre-planned. Additionally, Daniel had asked Barbara straight up about the number of movies he has to do. The actor further took her permission for the character’s death. While it is sad that he is leaving, Daniel Craig is leaving the character of James Bond in style. Now the question is, who is going to sit on this mighty throne next? Will it be Henry Cavill or Harry Styles? Let us find out!

Who will play the next James Bond?

Online polls are being held on every platform to decide who is going to play the role of the British secret agent next. Given his origin is from Britain, fans are only looking at British actors for now.

From Harry Styles to Tom Hardy, and Henry Cavill, every talented actor has admitted that playing the role of James Bond will be an absolute dream. Over the course of five films as James Bond, Daniel had adapted the character down to the last cell.

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The bars are pretty high for James Bond 008. When asked on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon if he had any advice for the next actor playing the role of James Bond, Daniel Craig used the beautiful saying ‘leave it better than when you found it‘ as an answer.

Harry Styles and Henry Cavill have all eyes on this role

The two most popular British actors at the moment have expressed their desire to play James Bond. Firstly, the pop-sensation Harry Styles cemented his position as a phenomenal actor with his role in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk.

Then comes three-time Spiderman and the second most attractive man in the world, Henry Cavill. Both the actors have expressed their desire in taking up Daniel Craig’s role. On one hand, Harry Styles said that “It is every actor’s dream“. And on the other, Henry confessed that he would jump at the opportunity if Barbara were to approach him.

Who do you think should be the next James Bond? Let us know in the comments below!

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