“It’s completely disgusting…” Sydney Sweeney Calls Out Internet Bullies Who Tag Her Family in Her N*de Scenes

“It’s completely disgusting…” Sydney Sweeney Calls Out Internet Bullies Who Tag Her Family in Her N*de Scenes

Sydney Sweeney is one of those stars who is known to be fearless. Whether it is bold scenes on camera or speaking out against injustice, this 25-year-old has always been one step ahead. Recently, she has been working with Dakota Johnson in Marvel’s Madame Web.

Sweeney gained a lot of attention for her role as Cassie Howard in HBO’s Euphoria. Not only did she get two Emmy nominations for her role in the series, but she also got a lot of appreciation for doing the explicit scenes in the show gracefully. However, it seems like these scenes are creating problems for the actress.

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Sydney Sweeney slams trollers for this indiscretion

As much as the internet has helped the world to exchange information, it is also one of the largest sources that are known for creating problems in people’s lives. Everything on the internet, especially social media, is unpredictable, and trolls will go to any extent to harm people. Sydney Sweeney fell prey to one such incident in November last year, when some anti-social creatures tagged her family in her n*de scenes from Euphoria.

The 25-year-old actress was shocked and disgusted by this and lashed out at the bullies. In an interaction with British GQ, the actress said, “My cousins don’t need that. It’s completely disgusting and unfair.”

She was further questioned about whether, after experiencing this kind of negative behavior, she would go socially underground for some time. To which the Emmy-nominated actress responded that she wouldn’t be hiding anymore. She is proud to be an artist and play such challenging roles. When people do such things, it inspires her to play more characters who irritate them.

She also called out Hollywood for its double standards against women’s n*de scenes. The actress made a fair point that when men do such scenes; they receive Oscars and praise, while women are degraded. Sweeney really hopes that the near future will bring a change to this attitude against women.

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