“It’s changed my life”- Billie Eilish Admits to Bringing a Huge Change in Her Life and It’s Not Dating Jesse Rutherford

“It’s changed my life”- Billie Eilish Admits to Bringing a Huge Change in Her Life and It’s Not Dating Jesse Rutherford

There are some traditions we have had forever, and we try our best to follow them every year. Billie Eilish is no newbie to the group. The 20-year-old pop star will soon celebrate her 21st birthday, and just like most of us, she has a tradition. She always let Vanity Fair in for an annual interview. Here she talks about her accomplishments and something new that she has done, like a significant career or life change.

In her interview for this year’s publication, Eilish has spoken about a major life change that she is very happy about. Now, most people must be thinking that this is about her new boyfriend, Jesse Rutherford, but it is a totally different thing.

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Billie Eilish is very happy about this change

For those who are wondering what it is about, it is about the 20-year-old star speaking about her body. Eilish has been quite open about her body image during her years in the limelight, discussing how she has moved away from her distinctive style of oversized clothing.

The Grammy award-winning singer is well known for her baggy t-shirts and loose jeans. However, she said that nowadays what attracts her more is feminine clothing. Eilish claims that her troubled connection with her body image is a major factor in the way her personal style has developed through time. In recent times, she has made it a priority to transform her body into a more fit one.

The Bad Guy singer mentioned that she had to go through a huge transformation that happened with her body and called it an “insane process.” Eilish also shared that she has worked a lot for her transformed body and feels better about herself now.

According to Yahoo News, she said, “It’s changed my life. I started working out really heavy in May-ish. But then especially coming back from Europe, I started like working out at a gym for the first time, and every day.”

Billie Eilish mentioned that she had had a horrible relationship with her body since she was 11 years old. But all of that has changed since she started working on herself as per her interview statements.

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