“It’s bitching!”- Jason Bateman Teases New Movie With Matt Damon and Kristy McNichol, Thanks Ben Affleck for the Role

“It’s bitching!”- Jason Bateman Teases New Movie With Matt Damon and Kristy McNichol, Thanks Ben Affleck for the Role

Ozark Kingpin Jason Bateman just bagged the Screen Actors Guild Awards for Best Male Actor in Drama Series, and the fans could not be more elated. Although Bateman was pretty shocked at his win, fans were not, since they were all well aware of the potential he walked into the room with. His mastery behind the screen and his brilliant acting on it has landed him with yet another potential smash hit project, and it’s pretty smoking.

At the after-party of the Award show itself, Bateman gave a detailed analysis of what exactly we should be expecting from his forthcoming hit. The highlight of the entire discussion was his working with an all-star cast team, which also includes Hollywood bigwigs like Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. 

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For the unversed, the movie that is all set to make its way exclusively to the theater next month is Air. Promoting the same on his Twitter handle, Bateman sent his heartfelt gratitude to the DC Icon, Batman starrer, Ben Affleck for letting him and his co-star, Kristy McNichol, “bang hang spend some time in this great movie.” 

As reported earlier, the movie will be first making its theatrical release on the 5th of April, 2023. Through the course of the SAG Event, Bateman could not help but gush about how he had his hopes high with this one. Although he described it as “a really low concept” he teased its hidden potential affirming, “it’s pretty smoking… that movie.” 

What is the Jason Bateman, Ben Affleck, and Matt Damon starrer, Air movie all about?

Not hesitating to give us the main theme that runs along the entire movie, Jason Bateman elaborated on how “it’s just the story of how Nike signed Michael Jordan.” Adding to it, “it’s talking and it’s performances, it’s cool camera work, and it’s bitching!Air centers around the sportswear giant’s now juggernaut brand, Air Jordan, and the company’s relationship with the then Chicago Bulls rookie, Michael Jordan. 

And who would gauge this better than Bateman himself? After all, his crime-drenched thriller series on Netflix was all about him handling the director’s seat and simultaneously setting the scenes on fire with his brazenly foul-mouthed and expletive-laden character while also maintaining his signature nonchalant composure with the Mexican drug catastrophe unfolding right before his eyes. 

Are you excited about the movie as we are? Let us know in the comments below. 

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