It’s Ana de Armas vs Keanu Reeves in The John Wick Spin-off, ‘Ballerina’- Here’s What We Know

It’s Ana de Armas vs Keanu Reeves in The John Wick Spin-off, ‘Ballerina’- Here’s What We Know

Working alongside Keanu Reeves could be a demanding task and Ana de Armas has seemingly gotten accustomed to it. The Canadian actor is synonymous with his action-packed movie series, John Wick which boasts an awesome soundtrack, and thrilling fight scenes, and breaks every Hollywood stereotype in a market saturated with special effects, explosions, and quick-cut editing.

While Keanu Reeves’ physical talents are on total display in the existing three chapters, now the Academic Award winner, Cuban-American actor has also hopped on the Bandwagon for some interesting wall-to-wall action and gunplay in its much-anticipated spin-off, Ballerina. Although they have kept everything under wraps, the Blonde actress recently got vocal about how it feels to work alongside the action mogul.

Ana de Armas on her experience working alongside action-hero, Keanu Reeves

On January 1, 2023, de Armas, one of the finest pieces of work in Hollywood decided to stop by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where they talked about her favorite flavor of ice cream, how she got into the character of Marilyn Monroe, and her experience filming Ballerina so far. The shooting has apparently left the Knives Out actress agonizing. However, working alongside Reeves has been a treat for her so far. Furthermore, being familiar with his ‘no pain, no gain’ work ethic, she could not complain about all the bruises, aches, and pains.

“Keanu and I were rehearsing our very difficult stunt scene, and this man is just rolling and throwing me and doing these crazy stunts. And I’m like, ‘I can’t complain anymore,'” de Armas shared with Fallon, teasing a brutal fight between John Wick and Rooney. For the unversed, Rooney is reportedly a ballet dancer who would do anything to seek vengeance for her murdered family. It is perhaps a sequel that will satisfy John Wick’s fandom in ways more than one.

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And from the little information provided by Ana de Armas, we can safely assert one thing. Both Keanu Reeves and de Armas are coming with a Takken-Esque clash.

Are you excited about the Ana de Armas-led spin-off? Do let us know in the comments below.

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