“It would surprise people…”- Bianca Censori’s Clan Spills Beans About Her Crazy Life Before She Married Kanye West Secretly

“It would surprise people…”- Bianca Censori’s Clan Spills Beans About Her Crazy Life Before She Married Kanye West Secretly

Close ones finally spill the beans on the new mystery wife of Kanye West. The singer, which had disappeared amidst controversies, finally surfaced as news of him marrying his 27-year-old Yeezy employee started to spread. So far, only a couple of photos of his wife, Bianca Censori have been out, but not much has been known about her.

She is the ‘head of architecture’ for the Yeezy company. Their relationship was pretty secret for a time until they got married just two months after Ye’s divorce. While her relatives understand her working for Ye, they are all surprised to know about her marrying such a high-profile person. Details of this mystery woman are finally out now.

A look into Bianca Censori who recently married Kanye West

Bianca Censori had a full live way before she married West. As per Dailymail, she was an absolute party girl who did not miss any big events. The Australian architect has a lot of friends back in Melbourne who were asked about her life as a college student. Pictures of her attending Rainbow Serpent and art music festival have been out, showing evidence of the party girl life she has enjoyed.

She studied on the outskirts of Melbourne in Kew’s prestigious Carey Baptist Grammar School, completing a Victorian Certificate of Education. It was well-known that Censori hung out in private school groups like Xavier College and Catholic Genazzano FCJ College. However, close ones claim that she is close to her family, which is private.

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Her near ones praised her for being friendly, nonintimidating, and making time for people even outside her friend circle. She went on to complete her Bachelor of Architecture from Melbourne University in 2017. Thereafter she also completed her masters in 2019-2020.

“Bianca was always a bit of an “It girl,” said a friend that partied with her at a music festival as well. Apparently, Ye’s former wife sensed that something was up between Censori and Ye. The SKIMS owner is said to dislike the news of them getting married. Neither of them has spoken out in public yet. Ye and his new wife are said to be enjoying their honeymoon currently.

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