‘’It was very immature on my part’’: When Will Smith Revealed How He Regrets Rejecting a Kiss Scene

‘’It was very immature on my part’’: When Will Smith Revealed How He Regrets Rejecting a Kiss Scene

Will Smith is one of the greatest stars all around the world. Be it singing, acting, or producing, Will is the definition of triple-kill. The man manages to be the buzz of the town with his professional achievements or personal moments turned into the most iconic telecasts in television history. Before getting banned at the Academy Awards for ten years, after the crazy stunt that he pulled out, the actor was honored with the Best Actor in 2002, 2007, and 2002.

It is unfortunate that now when people hear Will Smith and Oscars together, the first thing that comes to their mind is the onstage slap. After the ordeal, Will Smith kept it low, reportedly reflecting on his life choices and focusing on becoming a better person. The singer posted an apology video on YouTube where he profusely apologized to almost everyone including Chris Rock and his family as well as his own. In his self-reflecting practice, Will has also come clean about another embarrassing moment from his career.

Will Smith refused a kiss despite it being in the script

After his performances in Pursuit of Happiness and Ali, Will Smith left no room for doubt when it came to his craft. Be it a melodrama or thriller, Will knew what to give fans. Moreover, producers also came to trust Smith because the numbers that he brought to the box office were no joke. A man who spent seven hours a day working out for his role and even went out of his way to study Islam would not reject a kiss just because it was a male, right? Wrong! because that is exactly what Will Smith did.

In the movie Six Degrees of Separation, he played a gay character named Paul. The director of the movie, Fred Schepisi had planned a male-on-male kiss scene for Smith. However, when the time came, Will Smith refused to play the part, and the director had to use a stand-in. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Will said, “It was very immature on my part.” The actor also admitted to not being emotionally stable enough to put in that kind of commitment for the role.

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Well, Ian McKellen, his co-star in the film, made sure to let Will know how stupid he was by kissing him on the lips during an early premiere of the film. It is good that Will Smith went on to become a brilliant actor through these learning experiences.

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