“It was all I needed” – Throwback to When ‘Suits’ Co-star Gushed About Meghan Markle’s Kindness

“It was all I needed” – Throwback to When ‘Suits’ Co-star Gushed About Meghan Markle’s Kindness

In January 2020, two members of the royal family, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, stepped down as senior royals. The megxit was no less than the punch delivered right before the interval in a movie that leaves the audience either hooting or speechless. Then the couple proceeded to sell their experience with the royal family to millions through different means. Their only goal behind it, as the couple themselves admit in the Netflix documentary, is to take hold of their own story. And while fans understood their sentiment in the documentary, the release of Prince Harry’s unhinged memoir, has led to a huge dip in their popularity and credibility.

However, one theme that has been repetitive throughout Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s journey is the labeling of the Duchess as the mastermind behind the carefully crafted plan. Even in situations revolving solely around her husband, people deem Meghan Markle as the puppeteer. While there is no telling how much of Markle’s advice Prince Harry takes, especially after the tell-all memoir but labeling her as a mastermind behind every misery that has struck her family and her husband’s family is far too cruel. Among the countless clips that have emerged to shatter this narrative, is one of Meghan Markle’s former Suits co-stars, Sarah Rafferty.

Meghan Markle turned angel for Suits actor Sarah Rafferty

Markle quit Suits after her engagement with Prince Harry. However, the time she shared on the Suits set will forever be memorable for both Markle and her costars. In an interview from when Suits was heading towards filming its fourth season, Sarah Rafferty gushed about how having a sweet friend like Markle had her “delirious. The actors shared how “On a Saturday morning at 7:30, right about twenty minutes after the kids woke up, my front doorbell rings. And it is Meghan with scones and Starbucks“. Rafferty added, “it was all I needed” as she recalled the delightful morning in Toronto.

She further shared that her two kids, Iris and Oona, were fascinated by how delicious the scones were. Rafferty’s compliment was met humbly by Meghan Markle, who said “How could I not?“. The fans were in awe of the actress’ kindness. Moreover, this interview also dismantles the claims that all the people who spoke well of the couple in the Netflix documentary were paid. 

While Sarah Rafferty did say that she has not stayed in touch with Meghan Markle because “she’s really busy. She’s super busy,” as reported by Closer. But we are sure her views on Markle being a kind friend have not changed.

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