“It was actually really tough”: Ryan Reynolds Recalls Shooting His Psychological Thriller Where He Even “passed out”

“It was actually really tough”: Ryan Reynolds Recalls Shooting His Psychological Thriller Where He Even “passed out”

Ryan Reynolds is known most for his humor. But there’s a movie that brought out the best of his acting capabilities: Buried. The movie was certainly a thrilling experience for us viewers. However, shooting for the movie was challenging for Reynolds, who spends the majority of the film in a coffin underground. So, it is obvious that among the many things he revealed during his My Next Guest Needs No Introduction episode he talked about the breathtaking moments of shooting Buried. 

How challenging did the ‘Buried’ movie turn out for Reynolds?

Released in 2010, Buried is an English thriller fiction movie that depicts an American truck driver, who finds himself stuck in a wooden coffin. The movie depicts the biggest fear of any human’s life when you have zero chance at survival.

Imagine if you wake up and find yourself buried in a coffin? What would you do if there is only darkness around you? This is what happens when Paul Conroy (Reynolds’ character) is ambushed by a gang of terrorists and then locked into a wooden coffin without anyone knowing where he is. 

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Ryan Reynolds share his experience of collapsing at the time of the shoot

After a decade of its release, Reynolds shares his real-time experience with the audience and David Letterman. He said that the coffin shot was taken one time as he was lying there for about 90 minutes. There was a shortage of oxygen and he even “passed out” during the shoot. 

“There’s one sequence in the movie where I had a paper bag. And I would breathe into this paper bag as much as possible before the take,” said The Adam Project actor as he recalled the moment.

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In addition, he also tells that the Zippo lighter, which was the only way of light in Coffin, burned his fingers. Since it was the demand of the scene, it should look more real and convincing to viewers, so he took the challenge. David’s reply was one of disbelief, marvelling the unique nature of the film. 

David also appreciates how natural Reynolds looked in that scene. We have to agree with the talk show host here and really marvel at the talent that this Canadian actor is.

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