“It means the absolute world”- Louis Tomlinson Leaves One Direction Fandom in Frenzy as He Sends a Beautiful Message for Liam Payne

“It means the absolute world”- Louis Tomlinson Leaves One Direction Fandom in Frenzy as He Sends a Beautiful Message for Liam Payne

Despite them not being a band anymore, fans still can not get over One Direction. The five teenage boys won many hearts and in their concerts, many fans literally went into a frenzy. So, now one can only imagine if fans see any of those boys together, how would they feel! As Louis Tomlinson released a documentary of his journey, Liam Payne, a former band member, came in to support him. This little reunion of the two made fans go crazy once again.

On the 16th of March, Payne attended the premiere of Tomlinson’s documentary, All of Those Voices. After the screening of the documentary, both boys caught up with each other while leaving Cineworld Leicester Square. However, the fans became even crazily happy when Tomlinson left a beautiful message for his pal on Twitter.

The singer expressed his gratitude to Liam Payne as he attended the premiere and supported his friend and former bandmate. The 31-year-old also expressed how much it meant to him. “It means the absolute world,” wrote Tomlinson. Of course, it goes without saying how much these boys love each other as they always support one another through their journey.

The ‘Sunshine’ singer wanted to surprise his friend, Louis Tomlinson. In doing so, he also surprised the entire fandom. Tomlinson’s documentary revolves around his musical journey along with his former bandmates, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne.

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While fans are excited about the documentary, they expressed their feelings about this reunion and the message that Tomlinson left for his pal.

Fans went gaga over the little One Direction reunion

Even when the ‘Bigger Than Me’ singer announced the news of the documentary release, fans showered their love. This time also, the fandom from all over the world expressed their overwhelming feelings.

Fans could not stop their tears as they saw Tomlinson and Payne together at the premiere. They expressed how proud they were being Directioners. They also lauded how Liam Payne applauded his friend. Some fans felt like they went back to 2011 when the boys were together as a band.

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While these fans are in a frenzy, how are you feeling? Are you also One Direction fan? Feel free to share your feelings with us in the comment box below.

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