“It makes no sense…” Fans Talk About the Complicated Relationship They Have With ‘The Umbrella Academy’

“It makes no sense…” Fans Talk About the Complicated Relationship They Have With ‘The Umbrella Academy’

The Umbrella Academy is undoubtedly the wackiest drama out there. The creators have thrown in sibling rivalry, sexual transformations, and multiple timelines in one storyline. It’s not the kind of show where you put on the episode and do your laundry and catch up on it as soon as you’re done. Despite that, the weirdness and the superhero elements make it all the more fun and engaging. Too many have taken to Twitter to express the strange relationship they share with the Steve Blackman show. 

The Umbrella Academy is the most “confusing” superhero show according to fans 

Apparently The Umbrella Academy season 3 is the most confusing season of all time. It’s even more confusing than Diego’s confused face when Five spouts scientific jargon. 

This season our Umbrellas find themselves in a separate timeline instead of their own where they never existed. Sir Reginald Hargreeves never adopted the Umbrellas. Instead in their place now exists the Sparrow Academy. Both the group of siblings clashes to win over their father’s love while Reginald continues to set his plan in action. Meanwhile, Allison has a psychotic break and becomes the villain this season. She joins hands with Reginald to bring back Claire and Ray.

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On the other hand, Five is still determined to prevent doomsday. But his older self warns him not against it. Additionally, the viewers learn that he’s one of the founding members of the Temps Commission. And Klaus learns he can resuscitate himself from death. Luther dies, and Viktor goes through a transition and loses Harlan. The finale stripped the superheroes of their powers as they stepped into a new timeline. Sir Reginald reprogrammes the universe to bring back his wife, Abigail and Claire, and Ray. 

Will we get a season 4?

We are keeping our fingers crossed and hoping Netflix picks it up for another season. Another season is definitely needed at this point to answer the myriad questions that the finale left us with. Top of our list is, how are they going to cope with their loss of power? And what is Reginald Hargreeves’ real plan?

Did you also feel the same about this season?

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