“It gave me more honor and respect for that part of our world”: Uhtred Aka Alexander Dreymon on Directing an Episode for ‘The Last Kingdom’ Season 5

“It gave me more honor and respect for that part of our world”: Uhtred Aka Alexander Dreymon on Directing an Episode for ‘The Last Kingdom’ Season 5

Netflix is always excited about its show’s new season’s release. They start promoting the show through their numerous social media handles and uploading exclusive interviews on YouTube. So, now that The Final Kingdom season 5 is arriving, which will be the last of the historical fiction, Netflix is leaving no stone unturned in its promotional efforts.

The show’s main cast has been going around talking about multiple aspects of the show. In an interview, Alexander Dreymon, who plays Uhtred, spoke about his character and directing an episode of the show. And Millie Brady, who plays Aetheflaed, talks about how all the tangents in the story converge.

Alexander Dreymon on The Last Kingdom season 5

It is common for actors who, after working a while on a particular series, to direct an episode or two of the show.

Fun fact: David Schwimmer who plays the iconic role of Ross Geller in the highly successful and popular show Friends, directed ten episodes of the show.

Similarly, after working years on the set, Alexander Dreymon decided it was time to take his place on the directors’ chair. While talking about his experience behind the camera, the German-born actor first expressed his gratitude to the Production for believing in him and giving him such colossal responsibility.

The actor said,” I’m just hugely grateful to Carnival for giving me that opportunity and for placing their trust in me.

The actor then added that even though he knew what it meant to be a director and knew that a lot was riding on him. Still, it was only after he himself experienced the immense weight on his shoulders that a director had to carry.

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He discovered a newfound respect for directors and their craft. “There’s just no way of knowing the breadth of the director’s responsibilities and what it means to carry the weight of that unless you do it. And I thought I knew, but I really had no idea. It gave me even more honor and respect for that part of our world,” the actor said.

Millie Brady feels this season is special

While talking about her character Aetheflaed, British actress, Millie Brady, said that this season is going to be very special. The reason she feels so is because this season. The character arc of all characters will be coming to an end. We will get to see the motives and reasoning of each character.

“What I actually love is that I feel like this season you’re getting to see all of the characters’ end goals, and you’re getting to go in with every single character and what their motives really are.” she said

The actress describes this season of The Last Kingdom as the worlds of all characters coming to an end.

Be sure to catch the last season streaming only on Netflix from the 9th of March.

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