“It feels like a real adult relationship” – Millie Bobby Brown Opens up on How Henry Cavill Is Different From Her Previous Cast Mates

“It feels like a real adult relationship” – Millie Bobby Brown Opens up on How Henry Cavill Is Different From Her Previous Cast Mates

Millie Bobby Brown has been having a glorious run since she broke out as Eleven in Stranger Things. Besides starring in the sci-fi series she starred in big-budget Hollywood blockbusters like Godzilla. The 18-year-old had the opportunity to work with some of the best people in the industry including Henry Cavill! 

Enola Holmes paired the two together not as love interests, but as siblings. Cavill played the older brother of Sherlock Holmes to Brown’s Enola. They brought together a charming story of coming of age tinged with some little misadventures to the screen. Now they return with another sequel to the much-awaited story of Enola. In a recent chat, the Florence by Mills owner, however, revealed that despite the playful camaraderie between them Superman is quite “strict” with her.

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Millie Bobby Brown reveals the boundaries she has to maintain with Henry Cavill 

While the bond Millie Bobby Brown shares with her Stranger Things castmate has almost no boundaries, things are a tad bit different with Cavill. The actress revealed that Charlie Heaton and Noah Schnapp are almost like her siblings. They can share and talk about anything without any filtering just like “schoolmates.” 

It has to do with the fact that she met them when she was just 10 and they all grew up together. However, Millie has to stay careful with The Witcher actor. The actor has already set terms and conditions and the actress is not allowed to ask him about his personal life. 

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With Henry, it feels like a real adult relationship. He has terms and conditions with me. I’m not allowed to ask about his personal life. He’s very strict with me, which I appreciate,” she disclosed. Nevertheless, she emphasized that they have a healthy friendship. 

In the sequel, Brown will undertake the case of a missing girl that will need the help of her older brother Sherlock. As they both work on the case, the siblings unravel a sinister conspiracy. The movie releases on 4th November. 

Will you tune in to watch the real-life friends play detective siblings in the film?

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