“It can happen to all Americans”- Kanye West Sends Out a Warning, Following His Breakup With Adidas and ApplePay Conundrum

“It can happen to all Americans”- Kanye West Sends Out a Warning, Following His Breakup With Adidas and ApplePay Conundrum

Ye, who officially changed his name from Kanye West, was allowed back on Twitter after a six-week ban. The rapper was kicked off the platform for violating the policies and posting hate speech against the religion of people. Recently, the new chief executive officer of Twitter Elon Musk restored his access to the account. The hip-hop star instantly tweeted “Shalom” to his 32 million followers, which hinted that he was asking for a peaceful welcome.

Since the antisemitic scandal has turned out to be hugely destructive for him. Making his comeback, Ye also announced that he will be running for the 2024 presidential run. Much to people’s surprise, he made this revelation at the moment when he is facing financial losses. And as much as we know about him, this man cannot be stopped from saying things. He even recently sent out a warning to people on Twitter.

Kanye West talks about freedom of speech and his boycott

In a new post shared by the Donda Times on Twitter, Kanye West addressed his fan and sent out a message. In the video clip, the fashion designer stated that he used to be a multi-billionaire and how things changed in an instant. The rapper mentioned the American multinational technology company that has seized his Apple Pay recently.

“And when I see this I think If this could happen to me, it could happen to other Americans, and for what,” remarked West.

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He revealed in the video that Apple froze his account for some legal reason and it might have some connection with his recent controversy. Moreover, he alarmed other residents that freedom of speech is not appreciated and people are not allowed to speak their minds.

According to him, presenting your opinion has nothing to do with hurting the emotions of others. Meanwhile, the Praise God singer is once again in the headlines as his former employees have claimed he has showed them explicit pictures of his ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

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What do you think? Are these new tactics used by the singer to get votes from the public? Tell us your views in the comments and stay tuned for more updates.

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