Is Yellowstone Available on Netflix? Where to Stream the Popular Paramount Show?

Is Yellowstone Available on Netflix? Where to Stream the Popular Paramount Show?

There are plenty of cowboys on Netflix. Rufus Black and the futuristic Spike Spiegel are the ones that have been trending of late. But even these cowboys can’t fulfill the viewers’ demands, as millions of viewers are searching for Yellowstone on Netflix. Unfortunately, fans won’t get to stream Yellowstone on Netflix.

Where to stream Yellowstone?

For all the US viewers, Yellowstone is available to stream on Paramount+, ViacomCBS’s streaming service. However, subscribers of Peacock in 2020 were lucky to enjoy three seasons of the series. The new episodes of the drama series aired on TV from November 7th, 2021.

Viewers in the United Kingdom can watch Yellowstone on Sky TV and Virgin. Australians and Canadians can enjoy Yellowstone on Stan and Amazon Prime, respectively. Fans can only hope that Netflix squeezes out a deal with ViacomCBS for the streaming rights of Yellowstone.

The hype behind Yellowstone

The Duttons, owners of the largest contiguous ranch in the United States, try to ensure the safety of the ranch. The constant threats of corrupt land grabbers trying to encroach on the ranch and unsolved murders make the Duttons’ life difficult.

Kevin Costner, along with the ensemble cast of the series, packs a punch in this 8.7-IMDb rated series. Fans consider it an underrated series. But, the series is experiencing a sudden boom with the new audience trying to find the family drama. The first season premiered in June 2018.

Shows like Yellowstone on Netflix

Even if this neo-western isn’t available on Netflix, the streaming giant has us covered with other options. Let us first discard the most common ones. “Ozark” might not have the same setting as Yellowstone, but it definitely shares the crime family part. “Breaking Bad” also has those elements, along with the depiction of a patriarch and his controlling behavior.

We move on to the lesser-known series of “Longmire“, which has perfectly replicated the settings of Yellowstone. The western crime drama also displays the conflicts between the two different races of Native Americans and White Americans. People even compare Longmire VS. Yellowstone to choose which one to binge first.

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