“Is Will Smith a reigning champ”- ‘The Tonight Show’s’ Trevor Noah Quips, as Dana White Turns Slapping Into a Sport

“Is Will Smith a reigning champ”- ‘The Tonight Show’s’ Trevor Noah Quips, as Dana White Turns Slapping Into a Sport

Did Dana White take inspiration from Will Smith? The UFC is one of the most well-known organizations in the world. The Organization primarily holds MMA fights. Though President Dana White has managed to keep it entertaining. Of course, the UFC goes beyond the extent of organizing matches, by adding on the glitz, glam, and drama.

Slapping contests are not a new concept. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger organized during his Arnold Sports Festival. Now Dana White has received a nod of acceptance to organize and monitor the sports. Picking up on the news was The Daily Show host Trevor Noah.

Trevor Noah mentions Will Smith as UFC gets slapping contest approval

Slap competitions have gone viral in the last few years over the internet. Jumping on the bandwagon is UFC’s Dana White who acquired a license to regulate this sport. Comedian and host Trevor Noah missed no chance to update us on this interesting sport. On the topic, Noah gave a reference to the recent Oscar Slapgate involving Will Smith. The host cheekily slipped the line, “Is Will Smith the reigning champ”?

Looks like Smith may be over the incident, but it will be a long time before the slap gate controversy leaves him, as it continues to stay a subject of laughing matter. Trevor proposed the idea that the opponents should bad mouth each other to make the slap even more interesting.

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This is exactly what happened with the I Am Legend actor and Chris Rock during the Academy show. The South African comedian also joked about how immigrant mothers would also be good at this game. The sport of slapping consists of two competitors taking turns slapping each other across the face as hard as possible. But only White knows how a game of this nature could be regulated.

Considering UFC’s history, it will likely be a big affair, making the organization some big money. Perhaps Will Smith could inaugurate the opening of one of the slapping contests? What do you think of the idea? Let us know in the comments.

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