Is ‘Top Gun’ Director Going to Direct the Comeback Film of Henry Cavill as Superman?

Is ‘Top Gun’ Director Going to Direct the Comeback Film of Henry Cavill as Superman?

Just a few months back, the status of Henry Cavill in the DCEU was unknown. Fans were preparing for a DC era without their favorite Superman. The British actor had caused fans to panic after he reportedly had a chat with Marvel executives. Fans were expecting him to jump ships, but the man proved he was loyal. 

After causing another hysteria, having quit The Witcher, Cavill announced that he was back as Superman. Now rumor mills are abuzz that DC is planning to produce a sequel to Man of Steel and fans have already started picking the right director for the project.

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Is DC going to bring Joseph Kosinski in to direct Henry Cavill in the reboot of Man of Steel? 

It is alleged that DC is planning a new era for the future of the universe, starting with a reboot of Superman’s origin story. Man of Steel came out in 2013 and the Zack Snyder film was a huge commercial success. DC had tasted success with the film after a long time and it quickly cemented the star power of Henry Cavill. Now on the heels of a reboot rumor, an account on Twitter posted news about a new director taking the reins from Snyder.

Joseph Kosinski allegedly may direct Henry in his next Superman movie. 

Kosinski is riding high after the mammoth success of Top Gun: Maverick. He directed the much anticipated Tom Cruise starrer which has just recently concluded its run at the theaters. His other works include Tron: Legacy and another Tom Cruise movie, Oblivion. A large part of his work falls under the sci-fi category and he has proven his mettle at filming action scenes. Considering his resume, DC can surely benefit from hiring him. However, no parties have offered any comments on the matter yet. 

Meanwhile, Steven Spielberg and Christopher Nolan were also spotted at a luncheon with the CEO of Warner Bros. This has given rise to speculations that DC may offer them the director’s role as well. 

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Who is your top contender for directing Man of Steel 2?

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