Is Tim Burton’s ‘Wednesday Addams’ Not a Part of Netflix’s Halloween Lineup?

Is Tim Burton’s ‘Wednesday Addams’ Not a Part of Netflix’s Halloween Lineup?

Netflix’s Halloween lineup is something we all look forward to. The streaming website’s Netflix and Chills is a lineup of horror movies that features series like Wednesday Addams. Tim Burton’s Wednesday Addams is an American comedy-horror series, and it is based on the Addams Family character Wednesday Addams. She has always been a very scary character and now that there is a series on her, we cannot wait to watch it.

Talking about Halloween, a few horror classics are a ritual, right? One of the most famous horror movie franchises is the Addams Family when it comes to classics. This time, being a series, fans are anticipating its release. So, when Netflix released its Halloween lineup, everyone has one question: Is Wednesday Addams a part of Netflix’s Halloween lineup in 2022?

Wednesday Addams to symbolize Halloween 2022 on Netflix?

Even though we get to see the Addams family back on small screens, unfortunately, it is not a part of Netflix’s Halloween lineup in 2022. Fans did hope for an October release, however, it seems like they have to wait until November to watch it on Netflix. The reason for the show’s lack of presence in the Halloween lineup is still unclear and there is no release date yet.

One thing we do know is that the series will have eight episodes in the first season. For now, we just have a trailer for the series, the looks of which has us excited.

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What is the series about?

For as long as we can remember, the character of Wednesday Addams has either been portrayed as a young girl or known for her love for darkness. This time in the series, Jenna Ortega is supposedly playing an unseen version and it will be the first Latina version of the character.

Ever since the first official teaser came out on Netflix’s official YouTube channel, fans have been astounded. They are excited about Tim Burton’s involvement in the show, given how the filmmaker’s films are fantastical and horrifying at the same time. Given the response to the trailer, with the right execution, Netflix may have a winner with Wednesday Addams.

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Also, Ortega seems to have perfectly captured the role. Are you excited to watch Wednesday Addams? Let us know in the comments down below.

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