“Is this a good idea?” – What Advice Does Sadie Sink’s Friends Seek From Her and Why We Would Too

“Is this a good idea?” – What Advice Does Sadie Sink’s Friends Seek From Her and Why We Would Too

Stranger Things Sadie Elizabeth Sink has become the future of Hollywood and the Television industry through her massive acting skills. In addition to that, the 20-year-old star has become the latest fashion Nova with her iconic vogue ensembles. Sink has become so big of a sensation that she now acts as an unpaid fashion advisor for all her acquaintances. 

In an interview with Elle magazine, Sink evidently talked about how this has become an everyday phenomenon now. Her friends never get tired of confirming with her that they have their best outfits on. Here is Sink’s advice to all her friends and fans, of course. 

Sadie Sink talks about being a fashion idol among her friends

When asked about what advice Sink’s friends come to her for, the star replied, “Fashion Advice maybe.” She further said that her friends always make it a point to send Sadie a picture before wearing anything. To her friends’ “is this a good idea?” It is always either a yes or a no from Sadie’s end. 


As per her personal choices, Sadie loves a strong silhouette outfit, particularly a nice blazer. Apart from that, she is good at going with a cool camp moment look as well. All of it she revealed in an interview where she shared her favorite pieces in her closet. Even for her photoshoots, the attire that she donned was immaculate. Sadie clearly gave justice to all her costumes. 

What else did she talk about?

Listening to all of it, it completely makes sense why her friends consider her the fashionista of their age. The host asked her a lot of other questions, including her best childhood memories to her worst nightmares. The star also answered the soundtrack of her life, which included some soothing yet energetic music. 

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The Texas native basically shed light on all her likes and dislikes, which gave her audience a better insight into her in person. How did you like Sadie Sink’s fashion sense? Do you want some of her advice too? If yes, what would your questions be? Let us know in the comments below. 

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