Is There Another ‘365 Days’ Coming Out? When Can You Expect For It To Release?

Is There Another ‘365 Days’ Coming Out? When Can You Expect For It To Release?

All three pictures of Netflix’s Polish erotic thriller, 365 Days, are now streaming on the platform, with the fresh arrival of its third installment. The Next 365 Days, like the first two films in the series, is based on a book by Polish author Blanka Lipska. However, the sequel made some significant changes to the original plot to convey Laura and Massimo’s tumultuous love story. With the trilogy finally meeting its end, fans inquire if there is yet another 365 Days coming out.

The franchise’s future is still up in the air because the streamer has yet to confirm a subsequent installment and because Lipiska’s original book series, which Netflix has now adapted, only had three books. However, with such an ambiguous ending, one cannot entirely rule out the possibility of a fourth installment. 

Is there a fourth installment of 365 Days coming out?

The Next 365 Days unfold a big cliffhanger. Fans soon realize that Laura, Massimo’s baby girl is alive and is with Nacho, the gardener and son of yet another mafia behind the facade. It was also a relief for fans to know that Massimo’s crazy brother died in the latest film. However, the movie ends abruptly when the protagonist (or antagonist?) asks Laura if she is back in his life. 

Laura did not respond directly. Nevertheless, it was strongly inferred that she had truly decided to remain with her husband. However, because her decision is not entirely apparent, there is room for a sequel (which does not make sense) if Netflix follows that option, which would not come as a complete surprise considering the success of the series thus far. Additionally, the lack of additional books to adapt should not be too difficult, especially because the new movie veered dramatically from the original book.

When is it coming?

Although there is no official announcement of the fourth part of this convoluted erotic thriller, if Netflix does give the green light to the movie series, it might come out around 2024.

Since the filming has not started yet and there is no footage of the fourth installment. However, if you are too obsessed with Massimo and Laura’s chemistry, you can re-binge-watch the trilogy immediately, only on Netflix.

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