Is There Going To Be a Clickbait Season 2 on Netflix?

Is There Going To Be a Clickbait Season 2 on Netflix?

Clickbait is a show dedicated to catfishing victims and its dangerous repercussions in a highly digital and sensitive world. Starring Adrian Gernier, Zoe Kazan, Betty Gabriel, created by Tony Ayres, Clickbait is an American-Australian television miniseries that was released on Netflix on August 25th, 2021.

After experiencing the twists and turns that this psychological thriller has offered, fans are left wanting more. This article answers the lurking question, whether Clickbait is going to have another season!

Is there going to be a Clickbait Season 2?

The answer is quite uncertain. Although a possibility cannot be straightforwardly denied, the show indeed has the potential to generate another season. There remain many aspects around the cybercrime theme still untouched. The show, however, was released as a limited series.

A somewhat similar series, Black Mirror had every episode with a different story and cast. We reckon the same format can be adapted for Clickbait as well. Clickbait season 2 might return with a new story and an entirely new cast.

Clickbait’s fanbase is excited about another season because the show talks about something that’s happening in our lives daily and gives a realistic spin to it.

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What’s the plot?

Nick Brewer (Adrian) is abducted and has a video shot of his declaring that he’s abused and murdered women. His wife, Sophie Brewer (Betty), and sister Pia (Zoe) unbelieving of the incident try to find and rescue him. Every episode makes you guess a different culprit. Still failing to identify the one.

The family reaches Detective Amiri (Raei) who searches for Nick and discovers shocking and twisted revelations. The perpetrator remains a mystery till the very last episode.

Clickbait Spinoff

As said above, the theme of cybercrime is very broad, therefore, a lot can be written on it. Clickbait came out as a family story woven around catfishing, adultery, and relationships. Thus, adding a real-world touch to the digital. This became a reason for people to highly relate to the dangerous outcomes of technology. Especially, the ones who are always skeptical of everything digital. Hence, Clickbait spinoff can be a new series if the writers take up something other than catfishing, but based on Cybercrime. Or like mentioned, a new season with new story and cast can happen.

Why you should not watch Clibait?

Error 404. No reasons found! Go stream it on Netflix, if you have not watched it already. Let us know in the comments how you liked the miniseries. Also, how badly do you want to see another episode of Clickbait?

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