Is ‘The Woman King’ Available on Netflix? Where Can You Watch the Action/Drama Flick?

Is ‘The Woman King’ Available on Netflix? Where Can You Watch the Action/Drama Flick?

The hype that The Woman King has managed to create around itself is very similar to a recent Netflix release also revolving around feminism. A historical thriller based on true events with a pack of female warriors at the center of the plot is what the movie is about. Furthermore, it is directed by the talented Gina Prince Bythewood (The Secret Life of Bees). The Woman King also serves as a tribute to the Agojie.

For those of you who do not know, Agojie is an all-female warrior unit originating from the West African kingdom. After watching the trailer and the intense fight sequences and drama that it guaranteed, fans were dying to know where to stream it. Is the thrilling movie The Woman King available on Netflix?

What is the Viola Davis starrer movie about?

Casting Viola Davis to lead an all-female warrior movie is the smartest decision taken by the creators. The Oscar Awards-winning actress plays the role of a general responsible for the training of the next generation of warriors. It is a fight to protect the kingdom of Dahomey from the Europeans.

The Woman King is a masterpiece among the rare movies revolving around the fight against colonization. A feminist movie set up in the historical period is always fascinating to watch.

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The very first showcase of the film was at the Toronto International Film Festival. It garnered positive reviews from the critics at the event. While Viola Davis is no doubt the star of the show, Thuso Mbedu, Lashana Lynch, Sheila Atim, and John Boyega deliver phenomenal performances.

Can you watch The Woman King on Netflix?

The intense female warriors’ flick was released in theaters on the 16th of September. There have been a few questions about the historical accuracy of the movie. However, it is receiving praise for the most part. And when has a movie starring Viola Davis ever not?

The Woman King is a movie that is meant for the big screen given its action packed sequences, thrilling music, and the fast pace. That being said, it is not available to stream on Netflix as of now. However, we can guarantee that The Woman King will be on Netflix later on because of the Sony Pictures and Netflix deal. While you wait for it to be available on the platform, you can watch the equally amazing Lou on Netflix.

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