Is ‘The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On’ Scripted or Is the Drama Portrayed Genuine?

Is ‘The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On’ Scripted or Is the Drama Portrayed Genuine?

What’s true and what’s fake? This a question that we find ourselves asking every time we are watching a reality show. It’s the same for Netflix’s latest reality show from Love is Blind creators, The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On. But how much of The Ultimatum is scripted? Let’s find out. 

How scripted is The Ultimatum: Marry or Move on? 

The premise of the show is clearly a recipe for drama and meltdowns, and the show delivered in that aspect. Despite coming from the producers of Love is Blind, this show is starkly different from the pod dating show. Well for one, there are no pods and secondly, these are real couples with a history. As is in the name, six couples are on the verge of getting married or splitting up but their other half hasn’t popped the question yet. Tired of waiting, the partner issues an ultimatum. They enter a trial marriage phase with a stranger to play with the idea of what could have been. In eight weeks, they have to make up their mind. 

Eight episodes later and a lot of the couples decided to rekindle their romance. Since they aren’t strangers it was excruciatingly painful for them to watch their partner get close to a stranger. In one episode, Hunter realized that his future lies with Alexis and no one else. All sorted, and confident, he ended up proposing to her. 

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It makes you think it’s real, but even The Bachelor’s producers were pulling the strings behind the camera. However, Chris Coelen disagrees. The man behind Love is Blind has previously spoken at length that the team doesn’t interfere with contestants’ stories.

He said, “Look, our duty as producers is to tell the real story — that’s it.”

Is it all genuine?

According to Chris, everything on Love is Blind was real. If he’s a man of his words, then probably The Ultimatum is not scripted either. Season 1 has so far dropped only eight episodes. The final two episodes are will air on April 13. We’ll just have to wait until the show finishes airing for the couples to spill about their experience. 

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