Is the Turkish Drama Series ‘Duy Beni’ Available on Netflix? Where Can You Stream It?

Is the Turkish Drama Series ‘Duy Beni’ Available on Netflix? Where Can You Stream It?

Netflix is at the top of the game, especially when it comes to bringing in rich content from every region of the globe. Some of the most watched series on the OTT Mughal are not of Western origin. Following the lead of Kdramas, Turkish dramas have also become very popular. Turkey is not just rich in beauty but also in producing heartfelt and brilliant stories and dramas such as Rise of Empires, Resurrection: Ertugral, and Love Me As I Am. Another such drama is Duy Beni. The series has grabbed the attention of fans all around the world. Bullying, love triangles, mystery, friendships, and deaths, Duy Beni checks all the right boxes for a gripping high school series. Is the series available on Netflix?

What is Hear Me aka Duy Beni about?

The Turkish Drama Duy Beni, also popular by its English name Hear Me, takes the age-old tried and tested formula of the rich vs poor and incorporates it into a high school setting. The layered characters and gripping storyline have made Duy Beni the talk of the town ever since its premiere. PS. it has very good-looking actors.


The plot of this high school Turkish drama revolves around Leyla. It starts off with Leyla and her best friend Ekim fangirling about wealthy kids that go to a prestigious school called Dogru High. Soon after, Leyla gets hit by a car, which without turning back to check on the damage, drives off to hide in the school’s parking lot, typical rich kid behavior.

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To make up for the incident, at least collaterally, the principal offers to give scholarships to three students from the unprivileged neighborhood. This is how Ekim, Bekir, and Ayse find themselves in the middle of snobby rich kids who put everything aside just to remind the trio that they do not belong there. The fight to prove how unfairly Leyla died and to find the culprit is what forms the crux of Duy Beni.

Is Hear Me available on Netflix?

Directed by Ali Balci, the series premiered on the 7th of July. It consists of a total of thirty episodes and so far only one season. The drama was broadcasted on a Turkish television broadcasting network, Star TV. Given its popularity, fans from all around the world are searching for ways to watch it with subtitles.

Unfortunately, Duy Beni is not available on Netflix. But do not frown just yet because you can watch Hear Me on YouTube. All the episodes of the show are available on the platform with English subtitles. While Duy Beni is not available on Netflix, the OTT Mughal has an impressive Turkish Movies and TV catalog that you can check out here.

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    Awesome show and I’m hooked. Keep waiting for the next one to come out with subtitles.

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