Is the Horror-Drama Raw Available on Netflix? Where Can You Watch the Movie?

Is the Horror-Drama Raw Available on Netflix? Where Can You Watch the Movie?

From The Exorcist to Hereditary to 28 Days Later, Hollywood has the goriest of content that can haunt a person for several nights. The churning chair, dark winds, and sound of someone weeping in a closet are something that makes the bravest of people panic. Still, this gut-wrenching genre continues to lure viewers to the wonder of experiencing the supernatural quite closely. This genre might be the most disgusting and filthy thing one can see, but also the most thrilling. Bringing such stimulating moments, the 2016 movie, developed by Julia Ducournau, Raw is a spine-chilling story of terror and death. Have you watched a horror movie about cannibalism? Or a vegetarian turning into a monster craving for human flesh?

What this French movie is about? 

Raw revolves around a veterinarian student, Justine, who is forced to eat raw meat during a hazing ritual at her school. The young girl finds herself caught in a deadly situation when she develops an overpowering hunger for flesh. Meanwhile, this craving soon started showing its effect on Justine’s physical and mental health.

The movie was praised for screenplay and received critical acclaim with media calling it a remarkable lurid violence. Rotten Tomatoes gave 91% approval score based on 145 reviews and on Metacritic it scored 81 out of 100 rating. Whereas, IMDb has reviewed it 7 out of 10 for this goofy theme and grisly visuals.

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Can you find the coming-of-age horror film Raw on Netflix? 

With Halloween coming up, gothic fans would have started searching for best of the horror movies to entertain themselves for the evening. Fortunately, here is the good news for Netflix subscribers: they don’t need to hassle around. The streaming giant has a varied range of horror movies available to stream.

Thus, viewers who are looking for Raw shouldn’t worry as the movie is available on Netflix USA since August 15, 2017. If you are a subscriber, then just go and add the film to your watch later list. You can also look for similar movies listed on the platform.

However, people who do not have a membership can find the movie on Prime Video, iTunes, VUDU, and Google Play.

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