Is the Academy Awards Nominated ‘All That Breathes’ Available on Netflix? Where Can You Watch It and What Is It About?

Is the Academy Awards Nominated ‘All That Breathes’ Available on Netflix? Where Can You Watch It and What Is It About?

Netflix is largely known for its collection of sensational documentaries. In addition to that, it also produces a lot of documentaries under its Originals section. But does it have the 2023 Academy Award-nominated documentary All That Breathes?

It is not the first time the film has been nominated internationally. The documentary was nominated for and also won the awards for Best Documentary at the BFI London Film Festival and The Golden Eye Award (also known as the “L’Oeil d’Or documentary award”) last year at the Cannes film festival. All That Breathes sure has won the hearts of critics, but the question is, where can one watch it?

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Is ‘All That Breathes’ available on Netflix?

Indian filmmakers are slowly making their way through the international platform, and this year seems to be a lucky one. Initially, the song Natu Natu from the film RRR won the Golden Globes Award for Best Original Song, and now All That Breathes might be the one to create history at the Oscars.

It is a documentary about birds in Delhi, especially black kites that fall on the roof of the homes of two brothers, Saud and Nadeem, due to the contaminated air in the city. These birds, who are falling at an alarming rate, are rescued by these brothers. The film is created by Shaunak Sen, who alerts the world to save these birds that play an essential role in the city’s ecosystem and is also acting as a producer for the film.

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Recently, it was nominated by The Academy for Best Documentary Feature, which has a high chance of winning. This heart-touching story has a lot to say about those birds who cannot speak. The admirable portrayal of human connection with bird life is hard to describe in words.

Sadly the film is not available on Netflix yet. But given the love that Netflix has for documentaries, it might want to buy All That Breathes at some point.

However, as per Pricebaba Daily, it will premiere on February 7 at 9 pm on HBO Max. The OTT is highly likely to buy it, although it is not confirmed yet.

Are you guys rooting for All The Breathes in to win the Oscar this year? Let us know your answer in the comments below.

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