Is the 2011 Dutch Drama ‘Black Butterflies’ Available on Netflix? Where Can You Stream It?

Is the 2011 Dutch Drama ‘Black Butterflies’ Available on Netflix? Where Can You Stream It?

Netflix is serving as a game changer when it comes to giving voice to unheard stories from various parts of the world. The OTT Mogul is currently under fire for its first-ever NC-17-rated documentary revolving around the yesteryear starlet Marilyn Monroe. 2022 is the year in which art from women who were considered untraditional and a threat to society at that point are being acknowledged. Cinematic pieces such as Dickinson starring Hailee Steinfeld, Emily starring Emma Mackey and many more are proof of this fact. A hidden gem in what can now be considered a genre is the 2011 Dutch drama Black Butterflies. But is Black Butterflies available on Netflix?

What is Black Butterflies about?

Released in 2011, Black Butterflies is a drama flick many considered being ahead of its time, akin to the writer that the series is about. Although it is a Dutch drama, the series is entirely in English. Moreover, the movie is directed by Paula van der Oest. Her movie Zus and Zo was nominated at the Academy Awards in the Best Foreign movie category. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a shock that Black Butterflies is also a masterpiece.

The movie is a biographical take on the life of Ingrid Jonker. If being an underrated starlet is a thing, then Ingrid Jonker deserves the crown. Furthermore, she was a South African poet who wrote her poetries in Afrikaans. At a time when women were mostly taught to dress pretty and be quiet, Ingrid used her poetry to challenge the government.

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The drama is a beautiful portrayal of Ingrid Jonker’s life. And how she begins to lose her light after witnessing tragedies such as the Sharpeville massacre and the implementation of more brutal laws. Her turbulent relationship with her father due to her beliefs is also explored.

Is Black Butterflies available on Netflix?

Ingrid Jonker is often remembered as the Marilyn Monroe of the poetry world. Given this fact, it is unlikely that Netflix will not have a movie depicting her life. Additionally, Black Butterflies is produced by IDTV Film and Cool Beans.

Starring the beautiful actress Nicolas Duavachelle, Black Butterflies is unfortunately not streaming on Netflix. The streaming giant does have a series by the same name but it is not to be confused with Ingrid Jonker’s biography. You can watch Black Butterflies on Prime video.

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