Is Ryan Reynolds Flirting With the Idea of Getting Ben Affleck for Deadpool 3 for a DC Marvel Crossover?

Is Ryan Reynolds Flirting With the Idea of Getting Ben Affleck for Deadpool 3 for a DC Marvel Crossover?

Last year fans were overjoyed to learn that Ryan Reynolds flexed his powers to get Hugh Jackman on board for Deadpool 3. And now reportedly the Canadian is hoping to get Ben Affleck too for a sick jokeDC has already announced that it is starting anew.

It has already scraped off all plans of furthering the SnyderVerse. When they kicked out Henry Cavill and announced a Superman reboot, it caused an uproar. And now the Hollywood star is already thinking of pulling off a gag that involves a dig at DCU.

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Ryan Reynolds wants Ben Affleck as Batman in Deadpool 3 to make fun of DCEU

Giant Freakin Robot has learned that the Mint Mobile owner is considering persuading Ben Affleck to appear for a gag in Deadpool 3. Now that the DC’s extended universe is defunct, Ryan Reynolds wants Ben’s Batman to join him to make fun of DC. This will also mark the second collaboration between the two stars. They appeared together in Smokin Aces way back in 2006.

In fact, it can even work if his identity is implied. Instead of the super ripped vigilante, Affleck’s Bruce Wayne can be a burn-out alcoholic for the most part in the sequel. If this actually happens, it would mark the first-ever crossover of Marvel and DC. The big comic book giants have long been pitted against each other, giving rise to some intense fan wars. 

Moreover, both actors had their fair share of failed superhero projects. Fans didn’t receive Ben’s Batman well, and Ryan’s Green Lantern was a disaster. But the father of three had a glorious comeback to the genre playing the merc with a mouth. Maybe Reynolds can offer a second chance to his former co-star? 

While Ryan’s officially making his entry into the Marvel fold, Ben’s position at DC is uncertain. He may or may not show up in Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom. Apart from thinking of new gags, the Vancouver native is also serving as an inspiration to others. He recently inspired Reese Witherspoon to invest in football clubs.

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Do you think that it’s a little too early to poke fun at the failed SnyderVerse? Drop your views in the comments. 

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