Is Netflix Really Charging for Extra Users? Find Out the Truth Behind the Claim

Is Netflix Really Charging for Extra Users? Find Out the Truth Behind the Claim

Netflix is everyone’s go-to place to fulfill our daily dose of entertainment. From action and sci-fi to mystery and horror, the streamer has a plethora of shows and films for the audience to binge on. When in the mood for a comfortable watch, the streaming platform always has something to offer. With such a wide variety of shows available on the platform, one can’t resist the urge to sign up for Netflix or maybe borrow it. 

Netflix was the first of its kind. The streamer made shows more accessible to the audience. Moreover, thanks to Netflix, people can watch their favorite shows and films at the place of their convenience anytime. And users can even download the shows and watch them offline. Providing all these at such a low cost, it is no surprise that the platform enjoys a massive number of users on its platform. However, as we all know, another attractive feature of Netflix is that multiple people can use a single account. But is Netflix going to charge for extra users from now on? Here is all we know.

Netflix to charge more for extra users?

In recent times, Netflix has been going through a rough patch. Soon after the pandemic, when the streamer saw a huge growth in subscriptions, they went through massive losses and a fall in the number of users. In order to recover from the loss, the streaming giant has decided to take some significant steps to solve the problem of password sharing.

In Netflix’s recent earnings call, the streamer revealed that it would charge an added monthly fee to people who share their login credentials. As per the streamer, “We’ve landed on a thoughtful approach to monetizing account sharing, and we’ll begin rolling this out more broadly starting in early 2023.”

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As of now, the streamer did not reveal the charges for extra users. However, the streamer has already implemented a pilot plan in Latin America where users outside your immediate household have to pay ‘extra charges.’

Furthermore, the streaming platform revealed that it is also going to launch its ads-supported plans in November. In addition, it seems like the streamer has somewhat recovered from the losses. Previously, Netflix’s co-founder revealed that they are done with shrinking quarters

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