Is Netflix on Its Way to Remove Yet Another Original Show From Its Library?

Is Netflix on Its Way to Remove Yet Another Original Show From Its Library?

As vast as Netflix’s catalog is, the streamer would be forced to let a few titles go because of certain licensing rights. Hence why new titles keep leaving and getting added to the platform. Around the middle of the 2010s, the streamer started producing its own show to fill the catalog and not worry about licensing rights. While it is not surprising to see titles expiring on the platform, subscribers sure don’t expect a Netflix original to leave the streamer. Turns out Netflix originals are not always under Netflix’s production house umbrella.

The giant is to remove one of its very first original productions – Turbo Fast on April 1 due to licensing rights according to What’s on Netflix. The animated series is based on the 2013 DreamWorks Animation movie starring Ryan Reynolds. To create the series, Netflix collaborated with DreamWorks and NBCUniversal, the original owner of the animated movie. Since the license has expired, the streamer has to return the rights back to NBCUniversal.

The story revolves around Turbo, the snail, and his friends as they compete in races against their rivals. Since the story picks up after the events of the movie, Turbo is an Indy 500 winner in the series. The streamer released the series exactly five months after the film’s release in the theaters. Reynolds was not part of the series. Instead, Reid Scott voiced Turbo in the animated program.

As one of its first original animation offerings, Turbo Fast was an enormous success. Released in 2013, the series boasted 56 episodes in total and ran for about three seasons before wrapping up in 2016. In fact, the show still carries the old Netflix logo.

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But this is not the only show that’s leaving the platform. Some fan-favorite movies are also leaving the streamer.

Other titles leaving Netflix

Other than letting Turbo Fast go, the streamer is dumping some very big titles. Tom Cruise’s biggest career hits Top Gun and Minority Report are also expiring on April 1. Tom Hanks’ Forrest Gump, Big Daddy, The Aviator, and The Lord of The Rings trilogy are all expiring on April 1.

Hurry up if you still want to catch up to all the seasons of Turbo Fast before it leaves! Else, you can wait for the upcoming batch of anime originals like Pluto

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