Is Netflix Eyeing Keanu Reeves to Lead its ‘Bioshock’ Adaptation?

Is Netflix Eyeing Keanu Reeves to Lead its ‘Bioshock’ Adaptation?

After tasting success with the adaptation of The Witcher, makers have again found a formula to rake in millions: game adaptations. Movies adapted from games already come with a solid fanbase, and when you get a star to headline the project, you have a hit in your hands. Now after Henry Cavill, Netflix is hoping to place its bets on Keanu Reeves for its movie, Bioshock

Bioshock is just one of the recent examples of games getting a silver-screen adaptation. Just last year, Tom Holland gave a hit with Uncharted. On the TV front, HBO has entered the game with The Last of Us. So can Netflix beat HBO’s numbers with Bioshock?

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Netflix in talks with Keanu Reeves for Bioshock adaptation

The Hollywood star is currently in negotiations with Netflix for starring in Bioshock, reported Giant Freakin Robot. The streamer wants to cast him in the leading role of Jack for the dark and macabre tale. Keanu Reeves perfectly fits the character who is an enigma and a complete badass. In fact, fans have already seen him nail the no-nonsense badass role in John Wick

Bioshock tells the story of Jack, who gains access to Rapture. It’s an underwater society, generally considered as a utopia with only the socialites residing, and is closed off from the rest of the world. Andrew Ryan, who created Rapture, also created ADAM. A substance to alter the genetics of human beings to turn them into superhumans. As the humans start abusing ADAM, they become Splicers and wreak havoc. Jack also undergoes the genetic change but soon discovers his dark past with Ryan and Rapture. Jack not only fights off these Slicers but also has to use his powers to defeat the Big Daddies.

Bioshock will be a challenging adaptation

Taking one of the most popular video games and turning it into a worthy live-action is not an easy feat. Even more with Bioshock because of its immense popularity and the sizable global fanbase it enjoys. Fans often cosplay in Bioshock costumes similar to the one seen below from 2017 Kyiv Comic Con festival.

Fans dressed up as Bioshock characters at Kyiv Comic Con 2017
Image Courtesy- Imago

But certainly, Netflix can take up the challenge. After all, the streamer was successful in bringing to life The Witcher. Meanwhile, the Speed star will reprise his role again in the John Wick spin-off Ballerina alongside Ana de Armas. 

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