Is Morty’s Son From ‘Rick and Morty’ Season 1 Dead? Where Is Morty Jr.?

Is Morty’s Son From ‘Rick and Morty’ Season 1 Dead? Where Is Morty Jr.?

Out of all his bizarre scientific experiments, the most hilarious one was Dr Rick’s giant incest baby. If you remember, in the Raising Gazorpazorp episode of season 1, Morty became a father with a baby giant from the robot. From seasons 1 to 5 of Rick and Morty, we all forgot that Morty has actually been a father all this while.

But have you ever wondered what happened to Morty Jr? Why haven’t we seen him after that episode? A Reddit thread has questioned the whereabouts of Morty’s son, and here’s what we could conclude from it.

Where did Morty’s son go after the first season of Rick and Morty?

Morty Jr was only around for a few days. Male Gazorpians don’t seem to live for very long: They grow to adulthood within days, and in the after-credits scene of Raising Gazorpazorp, Morty Jr seems to be pretty old-looking and worn-down. This might have been the possible reason that Morty Jr may have only lived for about a week, so we have already seen all the important memories of him in the one episode. Also, in Raising Gazorpazorp, the robots were making babies really fast, which would support the idea that male Gazorpians only live for about a week.

Many suggest that since the duo switch universes and realities so many times, Morty’s son probably didn’t manage to come along with them. Although male Gazorpians probably grow very quickly, perhaps a week is a bit too short. The after-credits sequence shows that Morty Jr. went on to write a popular and successful novel. So he at least had time to write and publish a novel, and for that novel to become a commercial success.

Fan reactions on the Reddit thread have been hilarious

With all assumptions and possible reasons for Morty’s son, fans talked about it, and it couldn’t get funnier.

Some are even under the impression that he just reached adulthood and stayed like that.

Owing to the book he wrote, fans think:

This was everything that Gazorpazorp could have possibly ever been. There can be no other alternative to the above-mentioned bizarre situations for the giant son. Or is there?

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Do you think Morty’s son is still alive in one of the universes? Will Morty Jr make an appearance in the upcoming season? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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