Is Mena Massoud Gay? Know His Dating Life, Nationality, And Career Details

Is Mena Massoud Gay? Know His Dating Life, Nationality, And Career Details

Is Mena Massoud gay? Ever since we saw Massoud in the role of the charming and clever Aladdin, fans have been curious about the actor’s dating life. This interest has only heightened after the recent release of Netflix’s The Royal Treatment. Well, who could blame fans for wondering if their celebrity crush in taken or not? We certainly don’t and so here’s all the tea you need on Massoud.

Mena Massoud net worth

Massoud has made quite a handsome career for himself. He has even been nominated for the Adolescent Decision Grant and won the GQ Men of the Year Grant Advancement Ability. However, after doing Disney’s Aladdin, Massoud was showered with blessings and love. Above all, his career escalated.

Massoud has appeared in films like What Happens Next, Aladdin, Strange But True, Run This Town, and now Netflix’s The Royal Treatment, and we are quite obvious that he has a bright and successful future ahead.

As per his records, Massoud tries to hide his earnings and his current and past activities off the camera. He is worth $2 million.

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Does Mena Massoud have a girlfriend?

There many rumors surrounding Mena Massoud’s dating life, and one of them is that he is gay. Since Mena has no dating news about his connections and hookups, fans wandered about his sexuality. They thought he might be gay. Hence, the raging question in fan hearts:  Is Mena Massoud gay?

However, Massoud did not respond to such comments. So, we should respect his need for privacy in these matters and refrain from speculation.

According to the second rumor, Mena Massoud is dating another actress from the industry, Carly Sellen. But none of the actors responded to these rumors, and the report was left unverified.

Mena Massoud nationality

Now that we have addressed the elephant in the proverbial room, let’s know more about the Aladdin actor. Massoud was born back in September 1991 in Cairo, Egypt. However, he has spent his whole life in Canada, as a Canadian citizen, and belongs to Egyptian-Canadian ethnicity. He has been raised by a Coptic Christian Family and attended Brother Andre Catholic High School in Canada. After school, our Aladdin graduated from Ryerson University in Theater and Acting.

So, there it is: all the tea on Mena Massoud. Now, you can rest assured and stream The Royal Treatment on Netflix and dream some more about the actor.

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