Is Meghan Markle Joining The US Politics? Royal Experts Reveal the Chances

Is Meghan Markle Joining The US Politics? Royal Experts Reveal the Chances

Amidst matters of trivial controversies, the big news surrounding Meghan Markle has made headlines recently. Royal commentators have made serious remarks around the same while others in the Palace are concerned. Rumors have it that the Duchess of Sussex is now rising as a new Political entity after the couple gave up on the royal titles in 2020. 

Lately famous for her bombshell Archetypes podcast, which has made serious revelations of her life so far, reports claim that the Duchess is now headed to US politics. Being an active supporter of women’s activism and child development, Markle has a number of projects working under her. Stepping afoot, she was recently included in the poll for presidential elections in the US per reports. Does that mean, the Duchess has a shot in the US political scene?

Meghan Markle and rumors of joining US politics explained

With a 27% win in the recent US presidential election poll, Meghan Markle is said to have “alienated” a huge chunk of the country. Royal expert Kinsey Schofield has tagged her experiment at politics as a “great failure” by exposing her political allies. Although the Duchess came out in the potential list of runners, Schofield has scoffed at her unlikeliness to be elected ever. 

In contrast to her stance, some sordid dynamics of the current political scenario in The States have surfaced on the internet. Express UK has recently published the views and opinions of the Democratic Institute in Washington. It was found that 64% of respondents believed that they should opt for a female candidate in the next presidential elections in two years. Even In such circumstances, Schofield believes that Markle cannot get very far after with her idea. This statement came to light after Meghan found herself “rejected” by the majority of voters in the US. 

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry gave up their royal duties towards their UK sovereigns in 2020. Ever since, they have taken part in and launched various public projects and campaigns. Many non-profit organizations have also reached out to the former actress. These were for promoting their own business while serving the American public as well.

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What is your take on the matter? Do you think Meghan Markle should become the next president of the United States? Let us know in the comments below.

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