Is Matt Walsh Documentary ‘What Is a Woman?’ Streaming on Netflix?

Is Matt Walsh Documentary ‘What Is a Woman?’ Streaming on Netflix?

The LGBTQ Pride Month this year was celebrated with tons of magnificent pieces of cinema such as Heartstopper, Ginny and Georgia, and Orange Is the New Black. However, amid these colorful releases, there was a documentary released by a conservative political commentator Matt Walsh titled What Is A Woman. Whether or not the Matt Walsh documentary is on Netflix is a tricky question considering the OTT Mughlal’s policies.

What is What Is A Woman about?

The 2022 American documentary was the idea of Matt Walsh. Furthermore, the political commentator is popular for his conservative beliefs and his general sense of disagreement with LGBTQ+. Contrary to his social media posts the Matt Walsh documentary presented a more nuanced approach toward things. While it was Matt Walsh’s idea, the documentary was brought to life by Justin Folk.

Additionally, Folk not only directed the documentary but also produced it alongside Dallas Sonnier, and Charlotte Roland. It asks a simple question ‘What is a woman?’ to people from various fields. According to Walsh, the question has a simple Biological answer.

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However, through this documentary, we will see how people from various fields answer it in a more complex way. It features politicians, pediatricians a gender studies professor, a psychiatrist, a marriage therapist, and so on. Walsh did not force his ideology down the viewers’ throats with his documentary.

Instead, he showed both sides of the coin. For instance, after hearing an opponent of transgender medical transition for minors answer the question, a sex reassignment surgeon was made to answer the same question. While the main objective of the Matt Walsh documentary was to show how what he believes is right. The prosecution was done in quite a genius manner.

Is the Matt Walsh documentary available on Netflix?

Given that the OTT Mughal is home to some of the best pieces of cinema representing LGBTQ+, it seems highly unlikely that it would stream a documentary by a conservative political commentator. For those of you who do not, Netflix scores a perfect 100 on the ”Best Places to Work for LGBTQ+Equality”.

The Matt Walsh documentary is unfortunately not streaming on Netflix.  Moreover, it was released on The Daily Wire and enjoyed both praise and fame. Although the Matt Walsh documentary will never be released on Netflix due to its policies you can watch it by becoming a The Daily Wire member.

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