Is Kanye West Using His New Girlfriend as a Way to Distract People From Online Controversies?

Is Kanye West Using His New Girlfriend as a Way to Distract People From Online Controversies?

Kanye West has been creating news day in and day out for the past few weeks now. The Grammy Music award-winning artist who is known for giving out chart-topping albums has currently been locked out of social media. Ye’s downward spiral has been a long time in the making. The seeds of Ye’s current downward spiral were sown back in 2021 when Kim Kardashian filed for a divorce.

At the start of the year, Pete Davidson was at the receiving end of the No Child Left Behind rapper’s trolls. However, Ye put an end to his rants against Pete Davidson with a classic ”Skete Davidson” post. After controversial fashion show statements and Nazist tweets, Ye is neck deep into what could be the worst controversy of his career. Amid business partners walking out, Kanye West has been spotted with a new girlfriend on his side.

Is Kanye West dating just to distract?

The past few days have included Kanye West posting threatening tweets against the Jewish community. And TMZ revealed further derogatory terms that he had to say about his community as well as the Jews back in 2018. But amidst this controversial kerfuffle, West has also taken out time to go on a couple of dates. Looks like West has found a new way to make headlines after being locked out from social media.

He was spotted with a Brazillian model by the name of Juliana Nalu. The model who is 24 years soon got her runway debut after being spotted alongside Kanye West. Furthermore, she even opened the Milan Fashion Week. Mara Siegler reported that “The new girlfriend- whatever is next-it’s to try and make people forget.”

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And if the Grammy-winning rapper is using this as a way of distracting people from his anti-semitic views then its only works 2%. The 2% is for the popularity that his new girlfriend is receiving and is not working in favor of Kanye. The rapper received collective backlash from both the Hollywood industry and his fans for wearing a White Lives Matter t-shirt.

Ye was seen wearing the t-shirt at Paris Fashion Week. And also to his daughter’s basketball game which will not work in his favor in his divorce lawsuit. Furthermore, a YouTube clip of the rapper showing p**n to baffled Adidas executives had made headlines. The heap of controversies is too jarring this time around for Kanye West to be buried by a dating rumor.


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