Is Johnny Vs Amber Documentary Available On Netflix? Where Can You Watch It Online?

Is Johnny Vs Amber Documentary Available On Netflix? Where Can You Watch It Online?

Johnny vs Amber series is a two-way documentary depicting the trial of famous American actor Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard. It explores the concealed part of the case that normal audiences didn’t get to know about at the time. From exclusive interviews to secured evidence of the case are provided in the series so viewers can understand all the complexities of the case. Let’s get to the details of whether the case is available on Netflix or not? Also, other paid and free streamers online that have listed this high-profile court case. 

Can viewers watch Johnny vs Amber on Netflix? 

Uncovering the dark secrets behind infamous court proceedings between Johnny and Amber is currently streaming on Discovery+. Unfortunately the documentary Johnny vs Amber is not available on Netflix. However, other than Netflix there are many other streamers viewers can watch the whole Johnny vs Amber divided into two episodes. Although you might need to get a premium upgrade on Discovery+ to stream the complete documentary. Also, you can easily find the series if you are an Amazon Prime US or JustWatch member. 

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The documentary has been divided into two parts by Creator Eliana Capitani so that the audience can clearly obtain the opinions of both sides separately. The runtime of Johnny’s Story is over 50 minutes whereas Amber’s Story has a duration of 44 minutes. The series features real people and real events from Johnny and Amber’s life. 

What does this documentary manifest about the ex-couple of Hollywood? 

The Johnny vs Amber series dropped on the internet this summer on 9 May 2022. The series overviews stories of both sides of the tumultuous marriage. And the legal war between Depp and Heard became sensational news of the time. The trial regularly held headlines in newspapers, debates, opinions, and confessions showing different aspects of their marriage life. Moreover, the documentary mainly focuses on Johnny suing Heard for implicating serious charges of abuse. Because these statements affected his career as an actor. 

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If you wish to know the detailed version of the defamation High Court case stream it on the platform listed above.

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