Is ‘High Water’ on Netflix Based on Real Life?

Is ‘High Water’ on Netflix Based on Real Life?

Netflix is known for its magical way of taking real-time events and giving out the facts as well as the back story all the while making it interesting. And the six episodes long the High Water series on Netflix is a testament to this fact. Moreover, this is a highly thrilling Netflix series starring Agnieszka Zulewska, Tomasz Schuchardt, and Ireneusz Czop in leading roles. The series revolves around the decisions taken by higher authorities on the brink of a calamity. And the drastic effects it has on civilians. Despite being intriguing and dramatic, the Polish series possesses a realness that makes you wonder.

Is High Water on Netflix based on a true story?

The series has such detailed descriptions that would only be possible if it were based on real-time events. The High Water on Netflix takes into account the events of the 1997 Oder Flood also known as the Central European floods. It is set up in Wroclaw which was one of the most affected cities during the floods. The plot of the series follows hydrologist Jasmina Tremer. She observes the rising water levels that will form what is to become a devastating flood.

While Jasmina is quick on her feet and warns everyone of the impending danger, the locals do not pay heed to her warnings.

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High Water on Netflix, with its compelling performance and amazing direction, is no doubt a good watch. But it is when you realize that the series is based around the tragedy and real stories of people that were affected by the Oder Flood in 1997 is when it truly hits.

The foundations of the upcoming tragedy were laid down by the heavy rainfalls in Southwestern Poland and the Czech Republic region. This led to the overflow of the Oder and Mava river basins that caused irrepairable damage in the two countries. Furthermore, the flood was so devastating that it swallowed up entire towns in its wake. The damages Germany suffered were around 330 million euros.

The series is set up in the city of Wroclaw which was home to 56 casualties. Moreover, the deaths estimated in all three countries were around 144. High Water on Netflix is an impactful takeaway from the calamity. It does not only dwell only on the misery but also shows how people and the system helped each other out.

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