Is Henry Cavill Really Leaving the Witcher? Or Is It a Rumor?

Is Henry Cavill Really Leaving the Witcher? Or Is It a Rumor?

Henry Cavill isn’t new to the acting industry. With currently over two decades of experience, the man can call himself a “veteran” actor in a few years. However, it is only after the release of The Witcher that the actor began receiving recognition for his acting. With that in mind, the news of Henry Cavill leaving The Witcher came as a surprise to fans. So, are there just rumors, or is there a grain of truth behind them?

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Why Geralt of Rivia is the best role Cavill has played

Like we mentioned earlier, Cavill isn’t a newbie. The man has worked in numerous films, including ones like Superman in the DCEU and Sherlock Holmes in Enola Holmes. But, The Witcher, released 18 years after his first film Laguna (2001) is the actor’s best project yet.

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Despite its sheer popularity, DCEU didn’t receive the critical acclaim fans thought it would receive. In fact, in comparison with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it didn’t have many fans either. While The Dark Knight trilogy managed to get in fans’ good books, it was mainly due to the Joker and Christian Bale’s portrayal of Batman.

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Despite his acting prowess, even Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Superman hadn’t made quite a mark. The lack of impact traces back to DCEU’s general lack of impact. But this means that the actor playing Superman didn’t have the correct opportunity to show his mettle, either. This is what makes the news of Henry Cavill leaving The Witcher even more bewildering.

The titular role of Geralt of Rivia is what gave Cavill a platform to express himself fully as an actor. From his physique to the gruff yet sweet way he talks, Cavill embodies Geralt to perfection. The actor’s talent and hard work were not only recognized and acknowledged, but largely admired by fans too.

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This brings us to the final question:

Is Henry Cavill actually leaving The Witcher?

With the success of The Witcher and the way the series has brought critical acclaim to Cavill, it is difficult to consider the fact that he might leave the show. There is talk of the actor leaving the Netflix Original to resume his role as Superman in the DCEU. While the details of his alleged return aren’t confirmed, we know he will not appear in Man of Steel 2 or The Batman films.

To sum it up, there is no news that can confirm the fact that Henry Cavill might be leaving The Witcher. However, fans can expect these whispers to persist until The Witcher finishes filming.

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It remains unlikely that he will leave for any show/film as The Witcher is his passion project.

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