Is Henry Cavill Getting Comfy at His New Home at Amazon Prime Video? Signs a First Look Deal With the Platform

Is Henry Cavill Getting Comfy at His New Home at Amazon Prime Video? Signs a First Look Deal With the Platform

The British superstar, Henry Cavill, may not have had the best year last year. He lost two high-profile roles and fell out with the biggest streaming giant. However, the man has already made plans to make things go his way this year. 

It was reported earlier that he was in talks with Amazon, and now it looks like they have made some progress. The 39-year-old is signing a deal with Amazon Prime video over multiple game adaptations. 

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Amazon Prime video enters a first-look deal contract with Henry Cavill 

As soon as Henry Cavill departed from Netflix’s The Witcher last year, it was Amazon prime swooped in, seeing its chance to rope in the actor for a collaboration. He has now entered a deal with the streaming platform to produce multiple game adaptations for the streamer. The actor will not only executive produce but also star in the gaming adaptation of Warhammer 40,000. 

The deal gets even sweeter as Cavill gets the first right to refusal. According to the first look deal, any material has to be brought to the Superman actor first. Since Warhammer boasts of a vast universe, fans can expect several spin-offs like the Star Wars series. 

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Considering that Cavill is a gamer himself, this sounds like the best deal for him. Moreover, since he also loves playing Total War, World of Warcraft, and Delta Force, he can certainly aid Amazon if it ever chooses to adapt these games.  The actor, a huge fan of the original source material of The Witcher, walked away from the series after having creative disagreements with the production team.

Despite the huge uproar among the fans, Liam Hemsworth is to replace him as the Geralt of Rivia. He also bid adieu to his collaboration with DC as Superman. Despite teasing a cameo in Black Adam, unfortunately, DC’s plans for DCEU’s future do not include Cavill

Nevertheless, the actor will come back in Matthew Vaughn’s Argyll starring Samuel L. Jackson, John Cena, and Dua Lipa. Are you excited about what’s to come from this new deal with Amazon?

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