“Is he talking to me?” – Fans Have Hilarious Theories About Andrew Garfield’s Phone Addiction

“Is he talking to me?” – Fans Have Hilarious Theories About Andrew Garfield’s Phone Addiction

Apart from his versatile acting, Andrew Garfield is also famous for being a person glued to his phone. Well, in this technology-driven world, there is barely a person who is not addicted to their phone. This device has made our whole life revolve in and around it.

While the actor continues to stick on his phone, paparazzi and fans have done their job of capturing him. Recently, an “Andrew Garfield using his phone” thread is viral on Twitter, and this is how people are reacting to the actor using his phone.

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Andrew Garfield continues using his phone

This is not the first time the 39-year-old actor’s addiction to his phone has made it to the news. He has been captured by the media several times, and he is hooked to his phone and has no idea what is going on around him. Remember the time when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on the stage of the 94th Academy Awards?

While everybody was shocked and trying to process the incident, the Amazing Spiderman actor was busy on his phone. This shows the dedication this LA native has to his phone, and he does not bother to react to the incident, which shocked the world.

This picture was extremely loved and laughed upon, and it became a popular meme template. Surprisingly, even after being glued to his phone, the Never Let Me Go, actor has zero social media presence.

Here is how Twitterati reacted to the thread of the actor’s pictures of using his phone.

According to ANI, Andrew Garfield was recently spotted at the Golden Globes and also had four nominations. He was nominated three times for the best actor for the tick, tick… BOOM (2021 film), Under the Banner of Heaven (2022 Drama Miniseries), and Hacksaw Ridge (2016 film). He was also nominated as the supporting actor for The Social Network (2010 film).

Although currently, the actor is rumored to date Brigerton fame actress Pheobe Dynevor, so there might be a huge chance that the actor is texting her. However, the couple has not made it official yet, and neither have they been spotted together, so it is difficult to say that Andrew is texting Dynevor.

Whom do you think Andrew Garfield might be texting? Let us know in the comments.


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