Is ‘Euphoria’ Star Jacob Elordi’s 2020 Movie ‘2 Hearts’ Available on Netflix? Where Can You Stream It?

Is ‘Euphoria’ Star Jacob Elordi’s 2020 Movie ‘2 Hearts’ Available on Netflix? Where Can You Stream It?

Jacob Elordi is a big name in the acting industry right now. The twenty-five-year-old Australian actor has proved in a short time how much he is capable of. His portrayal of Niah Flynn in The Kissing Booth on Netflix and the iconic HBO series Euphoria is a testament to his enormous acting talents. Given how he looks like boyfriend material no matter what, the audience wanted to see him in a romantic movie, and Lance Hool delivered just that. Elordi thrives as a leading man in the romantic drama movie 2 Hearts. Find out if the series is on Netflix.

What is the Jacob Elordi movie about?

The plot of 2 Hearts follows Christopher Gregory, played by Jacob Elordi. He is nineteen years old and was an organ donor for business tycoon Jorge Bacardi. The movie follows the two of them as they deal with the ups and downs of life separately. Chris goes to university and falls head over heel for Samantha. On the other hand, Jorge meets a sweet flight attendant, Leslie and the two of them hit right off the bat.

2 Hearts may seem like any heartwarming romantic story until you find out what connects these two men. The credits for the layered and intriguing screenplay go to Veronica Hool and Robin U.Russin. You will be surprised to know that the story of 2 Hearts is actually based on true events. The screenplay of the movie is heavily inspired by All My Tomorrows: A Story of Tragedy, Transplant and Hope written by Eric Gregory AKA Chris’s father.

Is 2 Hearts streaming on Netflix?

The Jacob Elordi movie is equal parts sweet and intriguing as it is tragic. Knowing that the movie is inspired by true events makes it one of the saddest movies. Not to mention, it also includes performances by Adan Canto, Tiera Skovbye, and the phenomenal Radha Mitchell.

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Netflix has an impressive array of movies present for all our moods. Given that Jacob is also the star of Netflix’s popular original movie franchise, The Kissing Booth. So it only makes sense that Jacob Elordi’s best movie, 2 Hearts to be streaming on Netflix.

Will you be streaming the movie on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.

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